Liverpool's Season - Historical Comps


Since everyone knows the second best thing to maps are charts, here’s some charts.

First up, after a January where the sky nearly fell, I wanted to take a look at how Liverpool’s current season stacked up against previous Premier League seasons. I’ve pulled all of the weekly point totals going back to 92-93 and charted them to see where this season stands in comparison. The filled circles are this season, the line is the average for all seasons, and the shaded area shows the limits of the upper and lower quantiles.

I also wanted to see if there was any trend around the post-holiday period and if we actually do tend to underperform, so I took the same data as above, but plotted it as points per game rather than aggregate.

Finally, I also wanted to check and see how the top 6 was performing relative to previous seasons. I’m mostly basing this off of the official Premier League tables, so the later weeks of each season have data points where teams have games in hand. This only goes back a few seasons right now until I can determine if there’s a better way to aggregate this data by actual matches played instead of matchweeks. Use the checkboxes to toggle individual positions on/off.