Eben Dennis


ICON Engineering

GIS CoordinatorMarch 2013-Present

  • Programming and development of mobile data collection applications utilizing mobile devices and open source GIS software
  • Development of javascript-based web map applications for community outreach, data interaction, and end-user analysis
  • Collection, organization, and analysis of geospatial datasets, including LiDAR, terrain, aerial, hydrologic, municipal, and demographic data
  • Composition of static and interactive cartographic products for inclusion in published materials, reports, and web-based deliverables

Real Food Colorado

GIS DeveloperDecember 2012-June 2013

  • Developed javascript-based web map applications for community outreach, data interaction, and end-user analysis
  • Designed and built project-related websites
  • Coordinated data collection and compilation efforts

University of Colorado Denver

Assistant Lab Coordinator/Research AssistantDecember 2011-March 2013

Facility for Advanced Spatial Technologies:

  • Performed geospatial analysis and cartographic design for faculty as needed
  • Provided GIS and IT support for geospatial students
  • Managed desktop computers and geospatial software
  • Maintained group policy database for current classes and students and scheduled classes for upcoming semesters

Colorado Center for Community Development:

  • Developed mobile data collection methodology for student playground activity utilizing Android tablets and open source GIS software
  • Completed maps and spatial analysis for Learning Landscapes project, identifying suitable locations for school gardens for Denver Public Schools
  • Created school playground dataset through remote sensing analysis and compiled shapefiles into a deliverable database for Tri-County Health Department
  • Compiled and designed cartographic exhibits for student, faculty, and organizational use and publication

Stratus Consulting

Project AssistantJuly 2010-October 2010

  • Composed, mapped, and distributed site schematics to field researchers for use in a major scientific study/survey
  • Conducted conference calls with the field researchers to obtain site feedback and adjust schematics accordingly
  • Analyzed aerial photographs taken of the research area to determine segment boundaries and the amount and type of public use within each segment
  • Transcribed field data provided by researchers into an Access database


University of Colorado Denver

BA GeographyDecember 2012
Honors Thesis“Deployment of GIS Web Services to Support Hospital Disaster Planning Professionals for Addressing Vulnerable Populations.”
GIS CertificateDecember 2012


  • Graduated with Summa Cum Laude departmental honors and with distinction
  • Ranked #1 of all graduates of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • 2012 GIS Colorado Scholarship Winner
  • 2012 Rodgers Scholarship Winner (awarded by UC Denver Geography and Environmental Sciences department)


Cartography/Web Cartography